Compiling Super Truckin’ for Ouya

We received a free Ouya (thanks Ouya!) at the GDC Next event last week and I spent today with the goal of trying to compile our Super Truckin’ Soccer level for it. For those of you that don’t know, the Ouya is essentially an Android based game console, so it should be simple to take an Android game and port it over.

We took the first step today and thanks to some friendly Redditor’s over on the /R/Unity3D forum, we got some excellent advice and tutorials that guided us through the process.

Largely we followed this tutorial ( which got us just about 90% there, but we did run into two problems not mentioned in the tutorial.

  1. We struggled with getting the ADB driver installed because Windows 8.1 doesn’t allow you to install unsigned drivers unless you are in a special startup mode. had me covered though
  2. When I first launched the game on the Ouya it immediately crashed and we found another forum that recommended compiling the Java, Plugin, and NDK components that are available on the Ouya Panel in Unity3D in addition to the normal compile. A quick recompile of those (in any particular order it seems) and a Rebuild + Run and Super Truckin’ was running on the Ouya!OuyaPanel

Unfortunately at this point the game is running at a lackluster frame rate, so I am going to have to now consider two things. Do we spend the time optimizing for the Ouya (reducing poly’s, textures, particles…) so that it runs well, and then if so, how much of the controller support should we implement? The Ouya controller has some reputation on the internet and after utilizing it it’s not a horrible controller, but it’s definitely not the best.

What do you think, should we take the extra effort and try and make the game work for the Ouya? Please add a comment in addition to your vote in the poll. We would like to know a little bit more about your reasoning behind the Yay or Nay.

5 thoughts on “Compiling Super Truckin’ for Ouya

  1. I voted “Definitely”, but there is a caveat. If you believe that you can get the performance to a reasonable level, as well as tuning the thumbstick deadzones and controller configuration, with a small investment of time, then I would say it’s worth it, maybe a few days of effort. Success seems hit-and-miss, and if you can justify the effort with a few hundred sales, then by all means you’ll be increasing your studios fan-base and publicity and break even. Super Truckin’ seems like an excellent fit for OUYA, personally, especially because of multiplayer capabilities. It is possible that it will hit a nerve and do really well, it’s just really hard to tell. However, if you feel it’ll be a costly exercise, then you need to consider back-burnering it. As much as I’d love to see awesome new titles land on the console, I don’t want people jeopardizing their studios over it, nor do I want to see disgruntled devs writing up a post-mortem rant because they bet big and lost. OUYA does *not* need that kind of press…

    1. Thanks for the honest feedback. We are a very new and VERY indie studio at this point with just my brother and a friend and I working on this in our spare time. We are hoping we can be successful enough with this project to maybe do it full time, but that’s a big hope. We became interested in the Ouya at GDC last week and our game does play well on a larger screen, so If the numbers add up then it would make a lot of sense. It most likely has to be a nice to have for Ouya based on what I hear on the internet (hard to find hard $$$ numbers), unless we get a little following with the Ouya fan base and can get some momentum there. Sometimes its good to be in a smaller store because you can get a lot of attention, but if the user base isn’t enough to make some cash on, then it won’t matter. Decisions, decisions!

  2. I think it’s worth doing. (Disclaimer: I am biased because I want to play this on OUYA.) You’ve already got it running, and it shouldn’t take much to get it working smoothly. Publishing for OUYA is free and will get you some exposure and feedback.

    On performance, check this link:

    The most important thing is setting it to 720p resolution — that’ll get your something like 10 fps virtually for free. Most Xbox and PS3 games render at something like that resolution anyway. Switch your shaders to mobile versions. From the font I see in one of your pics, looks like you’re using NGUI already, which helps a ton. If you’ve got Unity Pro, use the profiler and find out where your draw calls are coming from.

    1. Additional: if you don’t have pro, I think you can still use the stats button on the corner of the game window in the editor. That’ll at least tell you how many draw calls you’re using. Also I wouldn’t worry too much about polys, as I don’t think that’s the bottleneck for Tegra 3.

      1. Thanks for the feedback and advice! I went ahead and made a quick change that they had on the Ouya forums in regards to render settings and it worked pretty well. Things are almost working satisfactory, so with a little more optimizations we can probably get to a game!

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