Super Truckin’ Power Ups

In each of the scheduled four levels in Super Truckin’ ( Junkyard Race, Hay Wraslin’, Soccer, Infinite Racer ) these power ups help give you the edge and defeat your opponents. You collect them by crashing through question mark blocks, similar to Mario Kart. We really tried to create unique power ups that captured the themes of our levels and the over all “off road” play style of Super Truckin’ and were FUN. The image gallery above should give you a good idea of what each of the power ups will be, other details below.

The Barrel is an explosive that will get deployed behind the truck and roll around in an oblong fashion, similar to a football. This makes it very difficult to dodge and a highly effective power up when your are in first place and want to keep it that way.

Mega Truck
The Mega Truck power up doubles the size and weight of the truck and lets you muscle other trucks around. If you are fighting for the soccer ball, hay, or just the inside corner in a race, this power up will give you the edge.

Electro Ball
The Electro Ball power up is really unique power up that chains a huge electric ball to the back of your truck. This lets you swing it around electrocuting anything in it’s path delivering utter chaos on the field.

The Fireballs are a great power up when you have your opponent lined up in your sights. Two of these explosive balls of flame shoot ahead and blasts your opponent sending them flying.

Oil Slick
The Oil Slick gets laid down on the track and slicks the tires of any truck that runs over it. The trucks then lose traction and acceleration making the truck slide over the field until the oil wears off. Lay one of these in front of a barrel on a turn, and your opponent has no chance.

The Dozer
The Dozer power up requires skill to utilize but can demolish an opponent. Get right on their bumper and use it to scoop the truck up and toss them behind you. Extremely effective at changing the game and making first place last.

We are having a great time play testing with these and feel like we have hit a great balance between these power ups, although each of us seem to have our favorite. What is your early favorite?

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