Super Truckin’ : Smartphone & Second Screen Gameplay

Today we are announcing the gameplay mechanics of our racing game Super Truckin’.


Using your smart phone as the controller you can connect to your PC and race, smash, and score!

We are currently focused on a PC/Android release where you use your Android phone as the controller to the Super Truckin’ game running on your PC. Initial tests with Android tablets, iPads and the Ouya has shown that we can leverage all of these as second screens as well – so when we get closer to being done we hope to try and support those too.

Each of the three initial levels we have created allows up to eight different people to control eight separate trucks on the same screen at the same time, over the local Wi-Fi.


Today the controller is where you select your truck color, find the game that is already started on the PC and then join it. We are hoping to add more to the controller in time with vehicle add-ons truck selection and similar, but at this early stage customization is just color. Once joining a Super Truckin’ game you turn your truck by turning your phone like a steering wheel (leveraging the accelerometer), gas by pressing the right hand side of the phone, and after picking up a power up you can press the left hand side of the screen to use it. Double tapping the gas will enable turbos and releasing the gas for a quick second turns the turbo’s off. Tapping the center of the screen will honk the truck horn and also display your name on screen in case you lost your truck after getting blown up or respawning after going out of bounds.

We are really excited about getting this out there and getting feedback from real gamers so we are taking requests to be one of the first 10 to try this game out. You must have an Android phone, and a PC and you must be willing to help give feedback on a regular basis to help make this the best game we can make it.

If you are interested please fill the form out below or tweet:

“I want to use my phone to start racing today w/ #SuperTruckin by @in8bitgames”.

We will put all the names in a hat (figuratively) and pull the 10 random gamers on Friday Dec. 20th. That means you can be playing just in time for Christmas!

Get your friends to contribute and retweet to increase your chances of being one of the first to experience Super Truckin’!




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