Creating Music For The Game

I consider several things when writing music specifically for a video game. Who is going to play the game? What is the content of the game? And most importantly, what does the client want?

Usually the first source of inspiration comes from the people making the game. In this scenario, I ask Alex and Jason what they want to hear. They are good at feeding me ideas that help me understand the feeling they would like to capture. Since the game has various levels – each with a unique theme – we want to make sure to complement each level with the appropriate music.

It is also important to consider the audience of the game and its content.  For example, Super Mario Brothers would not be the same without the iconic kid-friendly melodies that accompany you through the game.  In Super Truckin’ – much like Super Mario Brothers – we hope we can appeal to our inner child in a way that will transcend generational gaps. Because of this, the music will need to have catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms and extend the character of each level.

Giving music structure is important. I don’t sweat the details until I know I have a strong foundation. I typically have at least half of the song composed in some sort of crude fashion before I attempt to perfect anything. In the coming weeks, I will share pieces of music from each level. These examples will show the initial structure of the music. But don’t worry! These are only the crude rough drafts of what will eventually evolve into the stuff that sticks in your head.

I liken my music making process to that of an untalented sculptor. I throw a bunch of stuff together…start to mold and shape it…get rid of anything that isn’t attractive…smooth out the edges…and hopefully end up with something that I wouldn’t mind putting in my garden.

So, I have to write 3 songs for the levels that are currently in Super Truckin’. The team has brainstormed and we have a grasp of what we think will work.  Ill check in next week with my progress. I should probably get to work writing music instead of this blog…

Oh yeah! If you would like to hear some of my music you can check out the following websites:

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