Making the Music Cont. 3/4


After my last blog post, Alex placed the music in the game to see how complimentary it would be in-game. It is fascinating to see how a game – and even the music – changes when they are brought together. After a few highly competitive trial rounds, we ran into a problem….

When we listened to the music on its own, we collectively agreed that it would be a great fit for the socCar level. It had a nice electronic sound, seemed to have a soccer anthem within it, and we couldn’t wait to see how it played. Since it was a backbone, there was initial feedback asking for some more depth and added sounds. ß do we need this? I’d say get rid of it.

BUUUUUUT………as soon as we began to play the game with the music in it, we realized that intead of adding personality to the game, it actually slowed it down. The game seemed to drag, the cars felt slower and scoring a goal didn’t feel as exciting as it should. The music needed to be faster, with more energy.

At this point there are two ways to handle the situation: 1. trash everything and start from scratch, or 2. make some changes to what you have in an effort to salvage and recover.


Now I am the kind of guy who crumples the whole piece of paper up and tosses it frustratingly at the waste bin. Luckily, my friend Mike – who works with me at Ivory One – stopped me from what I call “rage quitting”. With a simple tempo adjustment, and an added melody, he actually turned the song around. Not only did the song grow, but it now met the requirements we’d set for it after our initial test run.

I brought it to the team, plugged it in the game, and I could see the smiles grow as they raced the soccer ball from one side to the other, smashing, crushing, blasting anything that got in their way. Goals were accompanied by physics defying jumps and wrestle mania taunts. The music no longer got in the way, and the game could breath again. Goooooaaaaaal!!!!

Check out the latest version here:

One thought on “Making the Music Cont. 3/4

  1. Nice update! I was about to say the bass needs to hit harder, but then I plugged in my headphones. Apparently my Yoga needs a subwoofer, because in the headphones it sounds just right.

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