Steam Greenlight, the Start

We published our Steam Greenlight a couple days ago (on Tuesday) and so far it has been a pretty interesting process.

Hint – VOTE HERE ->>>

I think the team anticipated that Steam may not necessarily be the direct demographic for our game, but we thought that the nostalgia would win over those that may have grown out of these types of arcade like games, but so far the reception has been lukewarm. As of the posting of this blog, we are looking at about 22% of the Steam players voted “Yes”, while 74% have voted no. The stats screenshot is below and it shows the average of the top 50 games currently in Greenlight and gives a pretty decent context for how things are going.


We have definitely heard that promotion is critical and as much as we understand and believe that marketing is key, it really is tough to make that happen. How much can one possibly tweet???

I’m setting up our IndieDB page, putting more content on Facebook and setting up some tweets that show off the game some more, but it seems like it will be very difficult to get traffic to the Greenlight. I’ll keep working on different ways of driving traffic, but if anyone has any ideas – I’d be all ears!

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