A little bit of a set back…

So after a relatively disappointing start to our Steam Greenlight we were ready to start blogging, tweeting and demoing our game everywhere when I was rear ended by an Escalade at a stop light from the exit of a freeway.

That event put a stop to just about anything as I was helicoptered from the accident and spent over a week in ICU – a near death experience for sure. The team here at In8B.it (my brother Konstantine, and my friend Jason) was awesome during this time and showed a ton of support that has helped tremendous in my recovery full well knowing that any of our plans for Super Truckin’ had to be put on hold.

It’s been a two months to the day since to accident and I feel like now is the time to try and get back to the plans for Super Truckin’ but I wanted to make sure our fans knew why we have been silent for so long and that we are still committed to delivering on Super Truckin’. It’s a fun game we like playing and we think others will too, even if our interest from Greenlight has been luke warm. We think it may not be the target demo for a game that doesn’t have killing, zombies, or some other new standard to modern gaming in it and are starting to consider what our next options are. If you are a fan and have a preferred console hit us up and let us know, we will listen!

Just so you know I’m not BS’ing and that this is the truth to our silence, here is the photo of my car after being totaled. Not sure if it is ironic or not that I’m working on a game that is super fun to crash into others with or not, but maybe the PTSD from driving can be lessened with my experience playing Super Truckin’ – that would be a twist, haha.