Definition and Elements of Synapse (my AI platform)


There is a really good definition of AI that has been put together by

“Artificial intelligence is an entity (or collective set of cooperative entities), able to receive inputs from the environment, interpret and learn from such inputs, and exhibit related and flexible behaviors and actions that help the entity achieve a particular goal or objective over a period of time.”

The reason I think it is so good, is that it has the three elements that I have identified in what I am building my AI platform and all other platforms, whether they are aware of it or not. Inputs (sensors), actions (output) and goals (objectives)- and what a system made up of these things does, is process them. This definition is the best one I have found, but if I were to criticize it, I think it is a bit too verbose. I would change it in this way.

“Artificial intelligence is an entity, able to receive and process inputs from the environment in order to flexibly act upon the environment in a way that will achieve goals over time.”

I believe that inputs, actions and goals are THINGS (objects) in an AI, and processing is the thing AI does. I think that this definition is a little bit more direct than the definition and if I were talking to someone writing an object oriented solution it would be a bit more specific for them.

It is important to differentiate in an AI system that the action in an AI is an object or THING, not a verb or actual action. An AI system only processes, and the outputs of the AI system are the actions that are represented in an object. This action if embodied would then be interpreted by a motor system.

An oversimplification of an AI workflow would be something like the one below.


The Actions piece of the this workflow would then be ingested by a motor system to execute in the environment, but the instruction for the action is the output of the AI system.

Do you disagree? I hope so, because then one of us is going to learn something…

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