Synapse: Take 1

I recently completed the back propagation routine in Synapse and can now get to the scary part. I can now prove myself wrong. The empiricist in me is excited, but if the first round of tests are to go by, there are going to be a lot of ups and downs on this journey. I’ll skip to the end and let you know here that the first system I tried did not work.

The system I attempted to put together was the one below.

This was the easiest one to setup since I do not need to break apart the network, and I really am only taking a middle layer of a standard feed forward network and using that as my output.

I didn’t believe that this architecture would give results because I do not believe that there is enough information in the layers to build the necessary relationships between the sensor input, and the action output relative to the goal. Even with my low expectations, I was disheartened with failure.

With any failure, it is important to learn something – or else you really are not failing the right way. So did I learn something in this attempt?

I learned that I am not sure what I mean in the last step of optimizing with the goal sensor. Am I optimizing so that the network learns the actual goal sensor, or am I optimizing the system so that it can optimize to the ideal goal?

I did run the system with both options and received the same results, but as soon as I started to implement this piece the question was forced on me, and I definitely had made some leaps in my logic that I will have to iron out in my next attempt.

I will keep you updated on the progress…

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