ADC + GDC Next

Today we went to GDC Next as our first team convention trip!
Here is some graffiti art on the side of the freeway on the way to the convention.
After signing in we had to pick up our badges. What was nice was that they gave everyone a shwag bag that is actually durable and saved many of the visitors from those uncomfortable handshakes.

The Videogame History Museum was on display. This booth is always cool to see. The history of this industry where it all started and how far we have come is mind “bottling”.

All of us at have Windows Phones, so we were pretty excited to play with the new Lumia tablet and some cool new tech at the Qualcom booth. The Dragon Adventures game was on the tablet, but no one really knew how to play it :/

We struck up a conversation with the guys over at Ouya. We hadn’t thought about putting Super Truckin’ on Ouya but we are going to try it out and see how well it works! Shouldn’t take much to get the game hooked up to a nice 50″ screen!


We were able to get the attention of one of their team members, and after discussing a bit about what Ouya can do to help developers and support them we finally got to show off the game! After about 15 minutes of playing the game and getting some great feedback they offered to provide an Ouya to help us port it. Thanks Ouya for the free development unit, we will put it through it’s paces!


We will keep you updated with how it works out!
Some of the other random things we did was check out a new AR glasses from a really friendly group of people, Technical Illusions who had a really cool demo.
By far the biggest presence at the show was Microsoft who had some great presentations and some cool demos. The Lumia wall was pretty cool, each Lumia 820 (I think) was displaying random app logos.
These Bears were at the show, and because Jason couldn’t make it we Photoshop’ed him into this one!
If you have any questions about the show, hit us up in the comments!